Community Computes

At Salida Tech, Inc, we believe the strength of our local community is partially due to our local charitable organizations.  Salida Tech, Inc. offers used computers, monitors, and parts to charitable organizations free of charge.  All reasonably modern and functional computer equipment we receive for recycling is tested for usability and viability.  If the systems pass our tests, we make them available to local charitable organizations.

If you are a non-profit interested in increasing your computing capacity, please give us a call at 719-539-1759.

Note:  We charge a recycling fee for all electronics to help us cover the cost of this program.  We cannot offer donation receipts, since we cannot guarantee that the equipment will be repurposed to a non-profit.  However, we do our best to ensure the equipment will be donated, or properly recycled in the USA.  We do not sell used computers.