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Salida Tech Inc. Combines Talents


SALIDA, Colorado –Andrew Koransky and Jason LaPointe have announced the formation of their new corporation, Salida Tech Inc. Salida Tech, Inc. is a small privately owned consulting practice and computer repair center serving local users, companies, non profits, and governments, who need the skills of technology professionals, but may not need, or be able to afford, full time technology help. Andrew Koransky, co owner of Salida Tech says, “We recognize that our customers simplywant technology to work, and that well designed systems can aid many day to day activities. To service these needs, we offer complete management of our clients’ technology with cost-effective, timely, and appropriate solutions using a wide range of technologies.”

Prior to opening Salida Tech, Jason had been serving the community in a high tech capacity since 1997, initially working with Custom Business Solutions. With the formation of his own company, J.T.L. Computing in 2000, Jason expanded his technological role in the Arkansas Valley even further. Starting small and building a customer base one customer at a time, J.T.L. eventually became one of the preeminent technical consulting firms in the area. Jason considers his involvement with various state and municipal agencies one of the best experiences in his career. “The breadth, depth, and sheer scope of what it takes to effectively run a state and local government in regards to information technology services is mind boggling. The varied experiences I’ve gained doing this type of work has been extremely valuable to myself and my clients,” said Lapointe.

In February of 2009 in response to ever growing customer demand, J.T.L. added partner Andrew Koransky, and re-branded the company as Salida Tech, Inc. Mr. Koransky has a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, from Washington University in St. Louis, School of Engineering and Applied Science. Previous to partnering with LaPointe, Koransky had been working in a contracted capacity with Chaffee County, and many others as a software engineer.

Located at 222 E Street in the heart of historical downtown, Salida Tech, Inc. is a Dell authorized reseller and also offers AVG’s full line of security products. Salida Tech also facilitates a program to re-purpose personal computers with not for profit entities in the Upper Arkansas Valley. If you would like to donate equipment to this worthy cause call Salida Tech at 539-1759 to see if it meets donation requirements. Finally, Salida Tech, would like to remind the public that for a nominal fee, computers, monitors, and other electronics, can be recycled at the E St. location, keeping toxic items out of our landfills. Business hours are 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday. You can reach Salida Tech, Inc. at 719-539-1759.  Salida Tech is located on the world-wide-web at

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